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Step 1 | Education

The first and fundamental step in the successful implementation of GST is to understand the legislation correctly and in its entirety.

Step 2 | Implementation

What are the documentation and proper GST treatment of all my different business transactions? Strong preparation, saves a lot of time and headaches.

Step 3 | Administration

A proper implementation will definitely reap rewards for by reducing the complexity for your internal users and creating smooth operational effectiveness.

Step 4 | Audit

Constant checking will make sure your preparation and implementation with great intentions will continue to serve you well and avoid issues with taxes.

GST 201 - Preparation Workshop

GST Preparation is a workshop that has interactive elements. With a good understanding of GST already in place from GST 101, and time to think about possible implications, this workshop will go through common business processes and the impact that it might have including discussions on bestĀ practices. Specific industry templates, practices and special schemes will also be covered. At this workshop the GST Specialists will also provide suggestions to assist business in classifying data and capturing information to ensure that you have covered all the necessary steps for GST preparation.Ā  The outcome of this workshop is to get participants a step closer to GST implementation and software configuration.

  • Review current business processes and the implications
  • Review current administrative issues, documentation and the implications
  • Review specific industry and specific business issues
  • Transitional issues

Duration: Up to 1 day (Workshop)

Investment: RM 1,500 per person

Certification of Attendance provided

Certification of Merit (Examination is available)

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